Airbrush Tattoos

At Amanda Facepaint, we offer a wide variety of quality temporary tattoos and the option of customized stencils for your selection to cater to all your event needs! Our tattoos come with a wide assortment of colors and glitters, as well as inks that are water resistant or even colors that glow under UV light! Here are some of our past works.

Airbrush Tattoo to achieve the realistic inked look that lasts 3-5 days!

UV Glow Airbrush Tattoo Get ready for your next happening night life party by opting for our special UV glow airbrushed tattoos!

Glitter Tattoo with colourful sparkles that lasts up to a week!


Our customized tattoos for Puma’s Night Run with a wide assortment of colors was a huge hit!

best-airbrush-tattoo-services-singapore  puma-airbrush-tattoo-sg

ink-tattoo-airbrushed-singapore-puma  puma-airbrush-sg-tattoo-facepaint

customize-tattoo-singapore  customized-tattoo-singapore

puma-night-run-artist-singapore-facepainting puma-singapore-facepainting


facepainting-singapore-artists airbrush-artist-singapore-puma-best

airbrush-tattoo-glitter-artists-singapore airbrush-tattoo-artist-sg

custom-tattoo-sg puma-night-run-2015-singapore

puma-nightrun-tattoo-singapore airbrush-tattoo-singapore-artist-best
Get ready for your next happening night life party by opting for our special UV glow airbrushed tattoos!

uv-glow-tattoo-club-singapore glow-club-best-in-the-dark-uv-tattoo-singapore

glow-in-the-dark-uv-best-tattoo-singapore glow-in-the-dark-uv-tattoo-singapore

uv-custom-glow-tattoo-singapore best-glow-tattoo-club-airbrush-singapore


uv-glow-neon-tattoo-sg uv-glow-tattoo-club-singapore-bodypaint-neon

Having a store opening? Get your logo customised into stencils for your company branding! Customised Airbrushed Tattoos in Black Ink for Alexander McQueen!

adult-airbrush-tattoo-singapore best-custom-airbrush-tattoo-ink-sg

airbrush-tattoo-singapore-artist-best alexander-mcqueen-fashion-tattoo-singapore

airbrush-tattoo-singapore-alexander-mcqueen-custom airbrushed-tattoo-singapore-best

Customized Airbrush Flash Tattoos for Jack Wills!


airbrush-tattoo-adults-singapore-best celebrity-airbrush-tattoo-best-singapore-jack-wills

jack-wills-flash-tattoo-singapore airbrush-tattoo-singapore-best-fashion

Awesome assorted designs provided! (Designs subjected to changes and availability.)




Face Painting Singapore


Face and Body Painting, Airbrush Tattoo, Balloon Sculpting, Caricature, Glitter Tattoo, Magic Show

Safety information: Our face painters use high quality face and body paints. They are hypoallergenic, FDA compliant, cosmetic grade and non toxic. As they are also water based, you can easily remove them with water and a face cloth. 

Drop us an email or message if you would like us to paint on happy faces at your next event!
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