Princess Zayley on Board!

Maternity photoshoot with Dorine and family! The spontaneous and fun loving family decided to all get themselves painted. Even little Zayern decided to get his first ever milk bottle painting after seeing both Daddy and Mummy get theirs!

best-belly-painter-singapore maternity-photoshoot-ideas-singapore-bellypainting

family-shoot-maternity-body-belly-painting-singapore maternity-photoshoot-child-mother-baby-ideas-singapore

bellypainting-design-girl-princess-singapore maternity-shoot-ideas-singapore

beer-belly-painting-photoshoot-idea-singapore beer-belly-singapore-artist-bodypainting

belly-painting-ideas-singapore maternity-photoshoot-belly-painter-amanda-lye


maternity-couple-photoshoot-ideas-singapore-bellypaint maternity-photoshoot-belly-painter-amanda-lye

mother-and-baby-belly-painting-maternity-shoot-singapore mother-baby-photoshoot-sg-best

couple-photoshoot-belly-painting-singapore-amandalye smurf-bellypainting-singapore-mario-carebear-amanda-lye-bellypainter

best-belly-painting-maternity-shoot-ideas-singapore belly-painting-singapore-price

belly-painting-artist-amanda-lye-singapore belly-painting-body-art-artist-amanda-lye


Ultra-Violet (UV) Neon Face and Body Painting

Went on cruise with dear sister for SuperStar Virgo’s Party at Sea with residence of The Butter Factory!

Here are some pictures of our special UV NEON paintings on the dancers and guests! Glows really well under UV light!

Perfect for the night life and dance parties!










Under the UV lights, the paints really glow! How fun!




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Face Painting Parties!

Princess Party: Pretty little girls in dresses and tiaras!


A pink butterfly face painting with a tinge of blue to match her Cinderella dress.


Princess tiara face painting design, flower arm painting and a butterfly balloon!


Princess face painting and a lovely bouquet of balloon flowers!

Dragon Design: Boys love this!


Dragon Face Painting


Dragon Arm Painting

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the best times to get your face painted!


From pumpkins, to vampires, zombies and ghosts! Really adds to the fun of a halloween party!
Below are the actors who were face painted for a horror house! Double it up with their acts in a dark spooky room of props! Here we go!


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Face Painting Singapore


Face and Body Painting, Airbrush Tattoo, Balloon Sculpting, Caricature, Glitter Tattoo, Magic Show

Safety information: Our face painters use high quality face and body paints. They are hypoallergenic, FDA compliant, cosmetic grade and non toxic. As they are also water based, you can easily remove them with water and a face cloth. 

Drop us an email or message if you would like us to paint on happy faces at your next event!
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