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Amanda Lye is a professional face and body paint artist on In her hands, you can be anyone you imagine to be. You can be Venom from Marvel, Statue of Liberty or TWG’s gold tea leaf. With her remarkable face painting talents, young children are transformed into superheroes or adorable animals. Over the years, Amanda has taken increasingly complex and elaborate assignments from children parties, special effects to full body fashion painting and now has her own dedicated team of artists to spread the love for face and body art. As seen in the interview with Splashville, Amanda shares with her colorful experiences as a face painting artist.

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What made you decide on taking up such an interesting job?

Before picking up face painting, I used to doodle “tattoos” onto my friends using the classic pilot pen. After discovering the joy of transforming a blob of paint into face and body art, 7 years as an artist simply whizzed by and my interest keeps growing by seeing every outcome. It hasn’t stopped as the various ways to explore the paint concepts and ideas are intriguing and it’s also very satisfying to see the reactions of people when they become delighted by their own face and body art transformation.


What is the highest profile assignment you have taken on?

The recent highlight was the Entrepreneur of the Year’s Award Ceremony as I had the opportunity to paint 5 dancers in full body glow paint. It was pretty cool seeing them glow in the dark for the opening of the ceremony for the minister and around 1000 guests.


Also, being part of Tammy Tay’s maternity photoshoot where she had her belly painted into a kinder surprise and tennis ball. I found belly painting to be a refreshing and unique maternity photoshoot concept for mummies to be, and the process was fun, especially seeing her baby (Elroy) moving in her tummy while painting.

tammy-tay-maternity-belly-painting-singapore tammy-tay-kinder-surprise-belly-painter-singapore-sg-painting

What are the different types and grades (pricing range) of paint you employ?

The cosmetic grade face paints that I use are mostly imported from the US. It’s very important to invest in a high quality face and body paints as it is safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It really brings out bolder colors that pop and are a lot smoother to work with to achieve the different effects too.

What differentiates a good artist and a not so good artist?

The creativity level, speed and versatility! With strong creativity, almost any design requested would be possible to achieve. Speed is another essential skill that comes with experience, as to whether the artist would be able to deliver within the given time without compromising the quality of work. As face and body painting is suitable for all ages, a good artist would also know how to cater the paintings according to each person and foster positive interactions during the entire process and that’s versatility.

What do you consider as your most impressive work?

I find them all different. So based on the award winning full body paintings, it would be the Marvel’s Venom, Statue of Liberty and TWG’s gold tea leaf.


Have you encountered any embarassing moments?

I tend to become messy with all the paint and glitter over my hands after each painting session. Sometimes in the midst of painting, I unknowingly touch my face or clothes. So, I end up with paint on unflattering places you can imagine, and most of the times, I am unaware till told!

What are some of the difficult moments you have encountered?

It would be not painting on anyone who has open wounds, infection, and sores, or appears sick for sanitary reasons. It’s a tricky and sensitive situation that has to be handled properly by taking into consideration about their feelings while still upholding the hygiene standards for the face painting materials for everyone. It happened only a rare few times at open events, thankfully.


Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Everywhere. From parties where balloons float around with themed characters printed on them, amazing inspirations from the internet and even the clients themselves. They would simply describe the design they wish to have or if they have any particular style and concept that they are going for. I’d doodle it in my head and come up with a special design for them.


How many assignments do you typically receive in a month?

There are face painting events every weekend, and for exclusive assignments, it really depends, but overall there tends to be an increase during the holidays and festive periods especially. I’m thankful for my team of artists who are also there to help ensure that requests and bookings are fulfilled to keep clients happy.


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Interview Credit: Splashville